Values Statement | Choice Network

Values Statement


Choice Network understands the challenges faced by pregnant people, families and their children. Challenges that include lack of empathy, equality and eagerness for good. We take a stance against the challenges and follow the lead of the reproductive justice movement by representing a new way, a modern way, and a real way to doing adoption.

We excel with pregnant people. We shine because we take them for who they are, where they are, when they are. We do not try to change them or stick them in a box and label them. Some agencies may be afraid to talk about the people they serve. We are not. All pregnant people deserve support and love. No matter their race, their social economic status, their environmental background, their sexuality, their gender identity, their gender expression, their ability, their religion, or their decisions – we accept them. Regardless of their fears, their honesty, their anger, their sadness, their loyalties, their confidence or lack of it – we accept them. When they are ready to take the next step – and not before – we are there with them. We support them. We inform them. We help them. We love them. It’s our life’s work.

Love makes good families. Whether traditional or non-conforming to historically accepted definitions of family - we accept them. If families are ready and willing to participate in open adoption and honoring the pregnant person who has chosen them, they are welcome. It’s that simple. We also fight for them. Choice Network does not shy away from hate. We are armed with well documented research, honest stories of our own, and the inherent truth that love makes good families.

No child should grow up in or have to enter foster care. No matter their age, race or ability - all children deserve loving families. In the United States today, 400,000 kids are in the foster care system and hundreds of thousands more are in crisis. These kids are a constant living and breathing reminder of the good we fail to do. It’s time to change that. It’s time to recognize all kids. It’s time to do what it takes to get them a home. This could mean advocating with families to expand their consideration of older children or providing additional resources when times are hard, whatever it takes, we are ready. Newborn babies to kids aging out of the system, we are here and ready to make a placement happen and happen for a lifetime.

Pregnant people’s choice is their choice. We believe all people have the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children they have in safe and sustainable communities (credit to Sister Song!). We carry no agenda, no judgement, no persuasion; instead we bring accurate, timely, and complete information on choices. Once a choice is made, we connect pregnant people to the experts and help them navigate the systems needed to execute their decision. We stand beside them, not pushing them to move quickly, but to act when fully informed and ready. We trust them from beginning to end and trust they know what is best for themselves and their family.

We have blown up the definition of adoption. 99% of all adoption agencies are pro-life. Choice Network stands with only 6 other agencies in the nation recognized as pro-choice. Choice Network values goodness and kindness. In order to honor that goodness and kindness, we follow a new set of standards that include providing on-going counseling where we re-visit all options often; ensuring pregnant people are at the center of the plan (rather than adoptive families / adoptees); allowing pregnant people to choose their family; fighting for open adoptions; providing life-long services that include counseling and relationship building with the family; including the birth father in the plan from beginning to end whenever possible; and, being inclusive of all families. These standards separate us from other agencies, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We stand with bad assess! Our work is not just adoption. It isn’t easy or straightforward, and it requires more than traditional partnerships. Our work is everything that touches families, therefore, we build radical coalitions with activists and organizations focused on racial, LGBTQ, economic and environmental justice, and have deep connections to the reproductive justice movement. We bring people together around common values focused on empathy, equality, and eagerness to take bold action.

Overall, Choice Network is on a mission to change the definition of family through supported open adoptions, no judgment abortion conversations and  Parenting resources and counsel. We pursue peace for pregnant people, promote peace for our families, and protect peace for our children. We are unafraid in our daily work of welcoming all pregnant people, all children, all families, and all choices.