Adoption Facilitators and Counsellors - Choice Network

About Choice Network

Choice Network has provided true all-options pregnancy counseling, LGBTQIA+ friendly adoptions, and abortion referrals in Central Ohio for more than a decade; we now offer real parenting support too.

Our adoption program is small, but mighty operating nationwide and known as a leader in pro-choice and LGBTQIA+ adoptions. We do not support the narrative that adoption is an alternative to abortion and believe our community will be failing it’s pregnant people if we see a drastic increase in adoptions. We do not want to go back to a pre-Roe adoption world where women and babies are viewed as commodities.

Our abortion work is done in partnership with independent abortion providers, Planned Parenthood, and funds nationwide. Our promise to the abortion community is to offer deep all options counseling and good, solid referrals and follow up when a pregnant person chooses this option. We offer also counseling post abortion, which is a service our partners appreciate.

Our parenting program is built to be an alternative to the foster care system. We offer community and resources to those choosing to parent. We offer community by hosting children for families at no charge to them as well as helping them reach goals to permanent reunification. We offer resources when needed, such as food, necessities for daily living, transportation, ect. We become their family.

In the end. we are the alternative to CPCs that our movement has been waiting for! No other agency nationwide is offering true all options counseling and full all options programming the way we are. And now that Roe has fallen, and communities are poised to severely restrict abortion rights, we need to step out of the shadows to make ourselves known. We feel strongly that, for the health and dignity of all pregnant people, we must urgently make the public aware of the difference between CPCs and what we have to offer.